Bees and humans have a rich history of working together.


It's a relationship that began some 8,000 years ago. But bees are a lot older than that, orginating during the time of the dinosaurs approximately 100 million years ago and evolving in to the 20,000 known bee species  which are found around the globe today.


Of all the insect species and all of the wild bee species, only three or four actually produce honey in 'harvestable' quanities. Even then, it is Apis mellifera that has become the dominent bee becauase it alone is the best when it comes to collecting and storing much more honey than it will ever use during the winter.


This execess of honey becomes a bonus for the beekeeper and as long as there is enough honey in the hive for winter, the bees generally don't mind the loss. Honey though, is pretty difficult stuff to make. It takes about one million flower vists to produce a mear one kilogram of honey! That's a lot of work!


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