Home to happy, healthy bees producing heavenly honey.

Welcome to Bruinwood Apiaries, home to 2,000,002 dedicated worker bees producing natural, unpasteurized honey on British Columbia's beautiful Sunshine Coast.


The coast is well suited as a home for the humble honey bee. Warm summers, mild winters, cultivated and natural foraging grounds and, most importantly, the area is free of commercial-scale chemical spraying.


Healthy flowers, plants and trees means healthy honey.



Jeff Barringer and Danise Lofstrom are the proprietors and farmers of Bruinwood Apiaries.


They originally joined forces over the mutual experience in filmmaking and their love of food.


Together, they created their first television series, Galley Chefs, way back in 1994. Shortly after they discovered the British Columbian wine industry. This led to BC Wine Cellar, wherein Jeff and Dani spent a summer presenting the burgeoning BC wine industry onto the Canadian television landscape. Next, they went national with the expanded concept, Canadian Wine Cellar, a rich tapestry of hardworking and innovative Canadian winemakers. Finally, Jeff and Dani turned their attention to food and taped three seasons of Gaslight Gourmet, their most popular series. Recently, they've delivered two seasons of YUM!.


Jeff and Dani got into beekeeping over a six year process, when a local Master Beekeeper arranged to establish a few hives on their Roberts Creek property. Over time they got to know the bees and then two years ago they serendipitously caught a swarm of their own. This magical experience captured their overactive imaginations and Bruinwood Apiaries was founded.


After a lifetime of working with electronic technology, working as a farmer with bees, is a completely difference experience. Like the hum of technology though, you have to mindful of the hum of the bees. Either way, read it wrong and you're stung.

—  Jeff Barringer

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